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About Us

???? Yo, I’m Chris – Your Compost Buddy ????

Hey there! I’m Chris. If you’ve ever looked at potato peels and wondered, “Can this be composted?” – well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Can it Compost, where we’re all about making the earth a little happier, one compost heap at a time.

How did this whole shebang start, you ask? Just me being nosy about compost. I’m a garden geek, and one day, as I was planting tomatoes, it hit me. Man, there’s gotta be a better way to use kitchen leftovers instead of chucking them in the bin!

So, armed with nothing but Google and my bottomless curiosity, I dove headfirst into the composting world. And lemme tell you, it’s as deep as a rabbit hole and twice as fun.

Here at Can it Compost, we’ll chat about what you can toss into your compost bin and what you better keep out. Like, did you know that you can compost old pizza crusts but not the greasy box? Mind-blowing stuff.

This place is perfect if you’re all about that eco-friendly life or just trying to make your roses bloom a little brighter. No judging here, all are welcome! Let’s build a cool gang of compost pals.

So, stick around, shoot me your questions, and let’s turn all that kitchen waste into gardening treasure. Who knows? You might just get hooked on composting like I did!

Catch you in the compost heap,
Chris ????